Publication Policy

Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs is a bi-annual, double-blind, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal aiming to construct the third world perspective of international law and contribute to the academic spectrum of wide subjects and issues of international law. The journal attempts to promote dialogue between academicians, legal professionals and students to address contemporary issues of international law.

Open Access Statement

Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs is committed to open access for academic work. All the articles published by Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs are freely accessible immediately from the date of publication. There is no author charge prior to publication and no charge for readership.

Electronic Submission

The empirical research report, articles, book reviews should be submitted in MS word document format through electronic submission to

Original and Unpublished Research work related to International Law

All the submissions of manuscripts should be original and must not be simultaneously published anywhere and which is also not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Every submission of manuscripts shall be subjected to plagiarism check on the contents of the manuscript. Plagiarism, including but not limited to, the similarity in the idea(s), thought process, or line of argument supported by no proper citation shall tantamount to the rejection of the Article as sent for the publication in any Issue concerned. Provided that, without prejudice to the aforementioned, such rejection shall take place keeping in mind the infringement of Copyright of the Article of the original author as quoted by the citing author in his Article with no proper citation to it.

The manuscript of the submission of the article shall be limited to subjects of international and its allied disciplines such as International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Refugee Law, International Criminal Law, and International Trade Law.

Peer-Review Policy and Process

The peer review publication policy adopted by the Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs is double-blind wherein the identity of the author and reviewer is completely unknown to each other.

Every manuscript submitted to the Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs are firstly assessed by the Senior Editors of the Editorial board who decide whether or not the article is suitable for peer review, in relation to the scope of the journal and academic quality of the article. If the article is suitable for peer review, the managing editor sends it to the Assistant editors for the double-blind review. Subsequently, the review reports of the Assistant Editors and Associate editors shall be scrutinized by the Senior Editors.

The Review process is expected to take four to six weeks and the reviewers are obligated to provide formative feedback, even if the article is not deemed for publication. The Editor-in-Chief on the basis of recommendation submitted by the Senior Editors along with an independent evaluation of the manuscript shall either accept or send back for revision or reject the same.

Publication Ethics

The Journal editors are obligated to comply with the higher standards of publication ethics mentioned in the code of conduct in the Constitution of the Journal. Any breach of the specified code of conduct by the editors or authors especially, the conflict of interest, advocacy in contravention of human rights or any empirical research without informed consent shall not be published. Furthermore, the work should not contain any discriminatory or racially prejudiced material.

Copyright policy

In condition for publication of manuscripts, the author(s) grant the Journal an irrevocable, transferable and non-exclusive royalty free license to reproduce, publish, distribute the submission in all media but not limited to print or electronic services. However, for non-commercial purposes, the use of published materials is not prohibited. Proper intimation of the Board of Editors is required.


Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs is committed to the transparency in the review process of manuscripts. The managing editor shall constantly inform the status of the publication to the author(s) of the submitted manuscript. The editors of the journal are obligated to provide a formative feedback to the authors, even in a case when the paper is not accepted for the publication. The Managing Editor will inform the author(s) of the manuscripts on the ground of the required revision of the submitted manuscript.


The views, expressed in the articles, comments and all other contributions in any other form to the Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs are those of individual authors and not necessarily of the Board of Editors of Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs. The contributors by submitting any contribution towards Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs refrains from and against all claims, suits, infringing and damages based on any claim of infringement or plagiarism or unauthorized use.