Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs Blog: Submission on Rolling Basis

Indian Journal of Law and International Affairs Blog aims to promote academic discussion and research analysis on the subject of international law and its related subjects. We invite high quality legal critical analysis of the contemporary developments in international law and its related subjects including but not limited to public international law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international refugee law, international criminal law, international trade law, international environmental law, international arbitration law and more.

The Journal offers an egalitarian space for legal academic discussion. We welcome submissions from students, research scholars, academicians, professionals and lawyers.

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Submission must be between 700-1500 words. Submissions longer than 1500 words will not be considered for publication.
  • Submission should be in docx. format only. Any other format, including pdf formal will not be accepted.
  • Submission should be original and unpublished in any other online blog or offline publications.
  • Submission must include hyperlinks for the relevant references and sources of the information quoted in the submission. All the cases, articles referred, international treaties, judgments and other legal sources must be mentioned. Any submission with footnotes and end notes will not be accepted.

Themes of the Blog

The following list is not exhaustive and the author can write on any sub-theme which comes within the ambit of international law.

The general theme for the blog is:

  1. Public International Law
  2. Private International Law
  3. International Human Rights Law
  4. International Humanitarian Law
  5. International Refugee Law
  6. International Criminal Law
  7. International Trade Law
  8. International Maritime Law

How to Contribute to the IJLIA Blog on International Law

Those interested can submit their blog post to, with the subject ‘Submission for Blog Post’. 

Kindly please provide the following details in the e-mail; Name, Institution and Title of your submission.

The Editorial board of IJLIA reserves the absolute discretion to amend, modify and alter the guidelines and procedure for contributing to the IJLIA Blog.

  • After receipt of the submission the editors shall review the submission, as whether the submission is related to the subjects of international law and it holds the contemporary value and issues of international law and its related subjects. These criteria need to be fulfilled for accepting the submission.
  • If the Editor considers the submission does not meet the aforementioned the criteria or any relevant ‘guidelines for submission’. The submission shall be rejected and sufficient reasons shall be communicated to the author
  • If the blog is accepted, but requires considerable modification in regards to the content or any other reasons, the submission shall be sent back to the concerned author and advised to bring suggested modification to the submission. The authors are entitled to send back the submission within the time framework granted by the editorial board in order to publish the submission in the journal.

The Editorial board of IJLIA has absolute discretion to amend, modify, repeal and alter guidelines and procedure for contributing the post to the IJLIA Blog.


Queries may be directed to editorialboard.ijlia@outlook.comwith ‘Query’ as the subject of the e-mail.